Meet the all-in-one checklist that's changing the hospitality game

AuditDAT is a revolutionary new way to conduct hotel inspections. This all-in-one checklist application eliminates the need for paper checklists and allows you to conduct any hotel related inspection such as; room inspections, kitchen inspections, bar inspections and much more. It can also be used as a tool to kick off mystery shopper campaigns to help you deliver a 5 star experience to your guests

Showing different hospitality inspection reports that can be created with AuditDAT

Compliance made easy

AuditDAT helps your company comply with food safety and hygiene standards. It can be used to inspect your kitchens, rooms, bars and keep your compliance in check. Instantly see if anything is wrong so that you can take action immediately before any customers are affected.

Keep everyone in the loop

Once an action is escalated from an inspection, the appropriate individual or department will be notified to act on it immediately. This will be very helpful for the maintenance department to manage and keep track of all the issues that need to be resolved.

Different boards and workflows that can be created using ActionDAT

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