Easily stay on top of your projects

If you’re an inspector, you know that it can be hard to stay on top of your inspections. How do you know when an issue needs follow-up? When should you assign a task without forgetting? When should a project be completed? With AuditDAT, you have the ability to create an action to assign tasks, follow-ups or issues directly from inspections.

ActionDAT Action Visualization
Showing how easy it is to keep track and manage an action through ActionDAT

The best way to communicate

Keeping track of every step of your projects is hard. But with AuditDAT, you will be able to audit and review each escalated action with ease. Have a back and forth chat with your team, share documents, and monitor progress via an easy to understand activity timeline. Keep everyone on the same page, save time and stay organised.

Keep track of all your team's actions

With AuditDAT you can keep a record of every action that your team creates. You can sort by assignee, site, or status to easily find what matters most at a glance. This will help you spot trends in actions to identify what areas need focus for your next improvement.

Different boards and workflows that can be created using ActionDAT

Other great features of AuditDAT

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