Our Story

Created by industry experts, UPDAT delivers an integrated, complete audit and action cycle for your business, allowing your team to access all the relevant information required to provide peace of mind with confidence.


Launched back in May 2021, UPDAT is committed to the Group’s mission statement, ‘taking you to the next level‘, and continues to offer premium professional services and expert solutions to auditors, inspectors and business owners in various industries.


Starting off with a focus on the hospitality industry, UPDAT has grown from strength to strength and today has expanded these services to the Construction, Security, and Facilities Management industries amongst others through their main software offerings; AuditDAT, and their upcomming software solution ActionDAT.


By plugging into UPDAT, business owners are able to audit / inspect the various lifecycle aspects involved in order to ensure compliance with industry-specific, governmental policies and internal protocols.

Fully customizable, efficient, and cost-effective, UPDAT allows you to identify any security threats, access compliance, and inspection reports, track user activity and behavior and more, while generating the necessary alerts and reports, allowing you to streamline your business into a single, integrated platform.

Our Values

Trust and Transparency

Data is at the core of all of our operations, both as a company as well as a team, making it an integral part of all of our platforms. Access to this data allows teams to collectively work more efficiently while performing to the best of their professional potential. It is this high level of customisation and freedom that leads to fast execution and high impact with all of our platforms.

Platform that makes sense

We believe that our products should work for you and not the other way around. For this reason, every feature has been tested and designed to offer the best user experience within its parameters, and this is proven by the fact that most of our customers are not directly involved in the tech industry.

Speed and Reactivity

The faster we are able to identify any shortcoming, the quicker we are able to react. For this reason, we constantly seek feedback in order to grow and improve, and ultimately offer the best end user product to all of our customers. We believe that this drive and willingness to learn gives us a competitive edge as we continue to scale.

Customer First

Customer success is at the centre of all of operations and we are passionately committed to making UPDAT products work for you too. For this reason, our customer support team will always be by your side in order to ensure the smooth running of all of our platforms within your business.

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