See what's going on in the field

AuditDAT allows you to get a quick picture of what is happening in your business by allowing you to filter your data by time, client, site, employees, and more. All this will help you make better-informed decisions by spotting trends and comparing performance across sites/teams.

Highlighting how important analytics are and how easy it is to generate analytical reports on AuditDAT.
Identify It, Fix It & Prevent It

Identify Issues and Fix Them

You’re about to get audited but no need to panic! AuditDAT has you covered. Through AuditDAT you can identify areas of weakness, review teams performances and even perform internal inspections. AuditDAT allows you to assign actions to the respective parties to resolve issues as soon as possible.

Make informed decisions to improve your business

AuditDAT helps you analyse trends and patterns to provide awareness of new opportunities to help take your business to the next level. Through these analytics, AuditDAT provides decision makers with real data to identify the root behind your organisations peak performance allowing the business to implement any preventive measures necessary for areas of weakness whilst continuing with proven best practices.

Informed Decision Visualisation

Other great features of AuditDAT

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