Keep your construction site safe and compliant with AuditDAT

Streamline your safety and quality processes with AuditDAT. Our easy drag-and-drop template builder makes it simple to set up smart inspection forms in minutes. Plus, it allows you to conduct and track inspections while you are on the go from any type of device. With AuditDAT, you can be sure that your safety and quality processes are running smoothly.

ActionDAT Action Visualization

Keep your workers safe

AuditDAT empowers your workers to call out when something doesn’t look right. With Failed Items and Collaborative Action features, your workers will have the power to report hazards and risks both inside and outside of an inspection. Keep your workers safe and compliant with AuditDAT!

Find the root of safety and quality issues

We provide instant analytics from your inspection data, so you can easily compare performance across sites, teams, or projects. This way, you can focus your attention where it’s needed the most.

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